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Review of the Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works!

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Review of the Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works!
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I didn’t believe the photos when I saw before and after shots of clients who’d used the Ultimate Body Applicator body contouring wraps, sold by independent consultants around the globe through a company called It Works!

While the long-term effects will depend on your lifestyle habits and consistent use of the wraps, I’m able to say that it does in fact work at reducing girth while toning the texture of your skin and underlying fat.


  • Customers can receive the product at a discount of nearly 50 percent when opting for the "Loyal Customer" program, which drop ships orders on a regular basis
  • Effective short-term reduction that's ideal for special events such as a wedding or vacation


  • Costly at a retail price of $24.75 per application, as the instructions recommend using one every 72 hours, for a total of nearly $248 per month if used according to the manufacturer's suggestions
  • Instructions suggest applying the wrap "lotion side down" but both sides of the wrap were saturated when removed from the packet, making it a little bit messy

My Thoughts on What I Tried

The manufacturer suggests applying your initial wrap for just 45 minutes to ensure no adverse reaction occurs the first time you use it. Even with sensitive skin, I tolerated the wrap just fine without any discomfort or irritation whatsoever. It had a cooling sensation on contact, similar to a topical heat rub you’d use for muscle aches. I took an initial measurement around my natural waist before starting.

After collecting as much of the lotion I could from the side that would not lie against my skin and applying it to the reverse side, I affixed it to my midsection. The wrap provided ample coverage and was large enough that it extended from just below the rib cage down to the pubic bone and around the sides along the area that typically shows signs of “love handles.” I ran a layer of plastic wrap around my waist to cover the Ultimate Body Applicator and then wore a Tommie Copper women’s short sleeve compression shirt.

I reclined in a chair for 45 minutes and relaxed while it worked its magic. It felt pleasantly chilly and tingly. Once the time was up, I removed the plastic wrap and the Ultimate Body Applicator, and then rubbed the remaining lotion into my skin. Immediately afterward, there was a reduction in my initial measurement of ½ an inch. By the following morning, the reduction accelerated for a total of 1.25 inches. After a total of 48 hours passed, my loss leveled out to a total of ¾ inch but could be attributed to a birthday party cookout and a big Sunday breakfast.

You should also divide your body weight in half and drink an equal number of ounces in water each day for the next 72 hours to amplify the effects of the product.


The Environmental Working Group has yet to evaluate the Ultimate Body Applicator, but while using their toxicity report generator I received a red level seven/high hazard warning due to the retinyl palmitate, otherwise known as vitamin A palmitate, in its list of ingredients.

Sun Bathers – The EWG warns that when exposed to UV light, retinol compounds are broken down and produce toxic free radicals that could damage DNA, causing gene mutations that are a precursor to cancer. According to an FDA study, when retinyl palmitate is applied to the skin and then exposed to sunlight, it could potentially accelerate the development of skin lesions and/or tumors.

Expectant Mothers – Although the manufacturer’s packaging does not have a warning for pregnant women, the FDA report warned that daily topical application of vitamin A creams could build up in a high enough level in the mother’s body to be toxic her developing fetus.

The Bottom Line

The body contouring wraps are an effective way to achieve noticeable, fast reduction in problem areas such as your waist, back, thighs, arms and chin. Although the brand boasts their product utilizes “all natural” ingredients, remember that some natural ingredients can be unsafe. I’d recommend using this product in moderation in areas that receive little to no sun exposure while combining it with the safest pair of weight-loss methods: Good old fashioned healthy diet and exercise.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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